An educational marketplace personalized to you. An educational marketplace personalized to you.
We know food can be confusing - that's why bitewell's digital food farmacy makes it easy.
Let's build your personalized food farmacy together.
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What's a food farmacy, anyway?
We know it’s not always clear which foods will work best for you. That’s why we created the digital food farmacy, an online store that provides personalized food recommendations based on your health conditions, body chemistry, and dietary needs.
That means it’s never been easier to identify the best foods for your body — whether your main health goal is:
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Learn through personalized food recommendations.
Our unique food scoring system - called the FoodHealth Score - makes it easy to understand which foods deliver results.
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Shop from anywhere in the U.S.
We deliver to all 50 states and regularly offer discounts, incentives, and deals to make our healthy food affordable.
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Heal 30+ health conditions.
Our online marketplace supports a vast array of health conditions, food allergies, and dietary preferences.
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